Youth Corner

Mentoring through Spirit of Excellence Program

One of the most difficult aspects of being a young sickle cell patient is feeling alone in your journey.  The SCDAA San Diego program Spirit of Excellence for youth and young adults ages 13 through 21 is here to help. This program is designed to develop mentor relationships between children, teen and young adult patients as they go through similar experience of growing up with sickle cell anemiaBenefits of participation include: an open forum for expression without judgment or bias, development of new friendships while interacting with a group of your peers, rewards and recognition for outstanding achievements, opportunities to give back to your community, educational and career support all while having fun at activities like beach parties, barbeques, bowling and movie nights!


The SCDAA San Diego is very proud to help support students in the sickle cell community pursue their dreams of going to college. To assist with this transition they offer $500 scholarships.

Summer Camp – Crescent Moon
The San Diego chapter facilitates San Diego children with sickle cell disease to attend summer camp in Los Angeles. For just $50 you could sponsor a child for a week long sleep away summer camp. Contact the organization if you would like to help a child in this way.


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